Preorder the Book

We are producing a textbook companion to this course called Biological Modeling: A Short Tour, which will be available in spring 2022 in both print and electronic formats. The book will follow the core content of the course, while the tutorials — which may change frequently in the future — will be hosted on this website.

Publication of the book was graciously funded via Kickstarter. You can still preorder the book at an exclusive introductory price on Indiegogo, or buy the E-book and start reading today at Leanpub.

Note: Print copies of the book are only available to backers in North America at this time. If you are outside North America, you can still preorder an electronic copy of the book. If the campaign is successful, we will be providing the book to international markets; please let us know if you’d like to be notified when the book is published by joining our international mailing list at